The first wisdom of jive


I recently looked back at my 34th birthday post about all the lovely things I wanted to achieve this year, and too be honest I felt a more than little bit disappointed with myself. The truth is lovely people, is that I haven’t been doing so well. I missed In The Loop 3.5 in Shetland, as in the end I didn’t have the money or time to go. I decided against the Eton Dorney swim, because well it was all just a bit too darn cold, and not ticking enough of my ‘enjoyable activity’ boxes. Heck, I haven’t even managed to bake soda bread! (this however WILL happen this year…)

However, I have started going to modern jive again. with my lovely friend Hannah on a Tuesday night, and it is all and more than I remembered and wanted it to be. We are probably the youngest ladies by a good twenty years, being based in the lovely, but not so young and hip Winchester, (which is giving my self-esteem a little boost, and making me feel like a happy spring chicken again!).

I love the feeling of being whirled around, and around, and around, and of someone else taking control of things for me. Running my own business (on top of teaching three days a week) means I am always trying to keep more than a wise or healthy amount of plates spinning, and I always feel like I need to be ‘good at’ and in control of every aspect of my business and life, to make it all work.

One of the men I danced with said this to me this week:

‘Don’t try and second guess the next move your going to do, as you don’t know what that’s going to be. Just enjoy the move you’re doing now.’

Amen to that. Here’s to allowing that piece of jiving wisdom filtering down into other aspects of my life.

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