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New collection launched at Pulse 2014

I launched my new collection of scarves and new geometric blanket colourways at Pulse 2014 a couple of weeks ago, to a great reception from buyers both here in the UK, and internationally.

I’m just about to place an order with my new manufacturer in Leicester in the next week or so, with an estimated 6-8 week turnaround time, so hopefully will be able to send out orders from the end of July onwards. More in depth info on each product and more importantly how to buy them is via my online shop. I will be running a pre-order promotion on all my products in just a few exciting weeks. Keep your eyes peeled on my facebook and instgram feed for more information.

Meanwhile here’s a quick preview of my new products to whet your appetite:

*NEW* PUZZLE infinity scarves

*NEW* PUZZLE infinity scarves

*NEW* MAZE pattern scarves

*NEW* MAZE pattern scarves

*NEW* Monochrome geometric blanket colourway

*NEW* Monochrome geometric blanket colourway

I made it! Phew!

The autumn (a.k.a a knitters crazy-pants-busy-ass time of year) has been in full swing again. I exhibited at MADE LONDON, and MADE13 in Brighton again, (I seriously doubted whether I would make it as far as setting up my stand at some points this year, as was in-between getting lots of new and exciting wholesale orders dispatched to shops, oh and of course still teaching three days a week…!) I met some great new customers, potential stockists, and other fantastic and inspiring designer/makers, (indulging in my favourite pastime of designer swapsies…) & generally had a ball! Here’s my high-lights below. Enjoy xx

made13_3261 made13_3265 made13_3268 made13_3273 made13_3282 made13_3292 made13_3490 made13_3494 made13_3501 made13_3503 made13_3507 made13_3508 made13_3510 made13_3515 made13_3520 made13_3522

First tradeshow = done!

Earls Court

So after much anticipation, that’s it! Pulse 2013, my first tradeshow, is done! It was all and so much more than I could have anticipated. I think I expected it to be far more scary than the other retail shows I have done such as MADE London & MADE Brighton, but infact it was fine! (although having said that if I’d done that straight off, I think I would have been more than a little intimidated!)

Obviously the biggest difference was meeting lots of real live & kicking buyers from very real & very exciting shops from all across the UK and abroad, rather than just selling direct to individual customers. This was such a positive experience for me – I got loads of positive feedback on my products, particularly my geometric blankets and cushions, and my new finegauge merino scarves. So hopefully lots of exciting potential new stockists in the pipeline…

Pulse2013_0216 Pulse2013_0212 Sarah Elwick Knitwear Pulse 2013 Pulse2013_0224 Pulse2013_0207 Pulse2013_0227 Pulse2013_0226

I also got some great food for thought from buyers. A great talking point were my cardboard display heads drawn by my talented cousin Lawrence Elwick. Buyers were interested in whether they could potentially use them use in their own shops as quirky visual merchandising – which I think is great!

I also need to think about designing some really lovely packaging for my scarves, as this will make them more ‘giftable’ for potential customers. So the old grey cells are whirring again to do research and make these and other ideas a reality…

I also met lots of lovely new designers who were also exhibiting in Launchpad. It really felt like the place to be in terms of new and exciting design, but was also very friendly and supportive – I love being part of the designer/maker community. I also did a couple of sneaky show swaps, including a very beautiful Emily Bucknell lampshade, which always makes me happy!

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep you posted with any exciting new developments! xx

Wool House & Manifesto for Making

Last Saturday I battled through the (late March!) snow on the train to London to attend the ‘Manifesto For Making‘ the Heritage Crafts annual conference at the V&A, and then hotfooted it over to Somerset House in the lunchbreak to catch the Campaign for Wools’ brilliant Wool House exhibition at Somerset House before it was over.

With an impressive line-up of speakers, the Manifesto for Making addressed and provoked discussion of three main overarching questions:

  • Why is making important?
  • Where should crafts be?
  • How do we get there?

A small representation of the discussion between speakers and delegates is featured below.

Woolhouse_1023 Woolhouse_1022 Woolhouse_1024
My favourite speaker, was the truly inspirational Mark Hieatt (pictured below) of the aspirational denim brand Hiut Denim – I strongly recommend a read of their website to find out more about the ‘history tag’ – Marks brilliant brainchild of keeping an online log of your jeans life story for future generations to read and add to.

Manifesto for Making

He slightly blew my mind with his talk. He has to be seen, and experienced, to be believed to be honest – but two keys points have really stayed with me:

  • Do one thing really well
  • ‘If you’re going to scrape a living – make sure it’s a living worth scraping’

I also made a whistlestop visit to the Wool House exhibition, before it had finished, not least because my geometric cushion covers were part of a giveaway to promote the exhibition by the Crafts Council. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the work on show, and felt honoured to be a very small part of it. Highlights below:

Woolhouse_1015 Woolhouse_1016 Woolhouse_1017 Woolhouse_1019 Woolhouse_1020 Woolhouse_1025

Please see my facebook page for more photo’s, and the Crafts Councils website for more information on how to win the hamper including my cushion covers.

1) Josephine Ryans ‘natural’ room layout 2) Wool House curator Arabella McNies colourful ‘snug’ 3) Detail of embroidered wool chair from Kit Kemps beautiful bedroom 4) Shauna Richardsons brilliant ‘crochetdermy’ brown bear 5) My very own cushion covers featured in the Crafts Councils competition (So proud!) 6) Donna Wilsons ‘Knitted Nursery’

The Kanelsnegle perspective

Copenhagen = done! We battled through freezing temperatures to see the best this Danish city had to offer in a whirlwind three days. Highlights in no particular order below:

Anderson Bakery hotdog Copenhagen_3124 Copenhagen_3125 Copenhagen_3180 Copenhagen_3181 Copenhagen_3182 Copenhagen_3183 Copenhagen_3186

1) The Grand Danois hotdog from Andersen Bakery OMG people, O.M.G! (NB: the cucumber was pickled in what I think was rice wine vinegar, and tasted totally dee-vine!) 2) Stephen & I togged up in our thermals, and warmest winter coats = Copenhagen standard 3) Pretty Smorresbord 4) Yayoi Kusama’s stunning ‘Gleaming night of the souls‘ at Louisiana Modern Art Museum 5, 6, and 7) All Tara Donovan sculptures, again at Louisiana I had never heard of her before but found her work so inspiring 8) Colour crush on Per Kirkeby painting

NB: What are Kanelsnegle anyway?


After a very long hiatus, I’m back! For one reason and another my little blog has been very neglected over the past few months, mainly due to starting an exciting new job as a Teaching Fellow in Knitwear at Winchester School of Art, and also moving to the city last year, which has been great for the most part, but has taken a little adjusting.

To celebrate dusting off my blogging shoes, here are a few images from the Portraits in the Making group exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing, a group show I took part in last year. These images are of the Paisley inspired shawl I made, which was rather beautifully displayed by the curators of the exhibition on this lovely four poster bed.

Machine knitted from merino and lurex, with a disperse dye print. August 2011.

This exhibition was a great opportunity for me to do some new research, and produce a new body of work for the exhibition which I am very proud of. Please see the group blog for posts on all seventeen designer/makers involved, and each individuals approach to their design process.

Portraits in the Making-Work in Progress

Over the last few months, I have been getting my teeth stuck into developing a new body of work for a group exhibition ‘Portraits in the Making’.

Portraits in the Making is a contemporary design exhibition of glass, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, basketry, and wood, by Crafts Council Hothouse award winners, at Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery in Ealing. Curated by Greg Parsons, seventeen emerging designer/makers from different disciplines will come together to explore  making and process.

PM Gallery & House comprises of the Grade I listed Pitzhanger Manor-House, designed by the architect John Soane in 1800 and PM Gallery, West London’s premier professional contemporary arts venue. Drawing on Sir John Soane’s perception of Pitzhanger Manor House as a ‘sort of portrait’ – a reflection of his own innovative style and a place in which to display his growing collections of art and antiquities, and their own creative self-expression Portraits In The Making will offer a fresh insight into crafts practice today.

Working with the notion of identity through objects they will explore new approaches to Portraiture.  The exhibition will reflect recent discoveries within their own creative journeys.

Public Opening: Wednesday 21 September – Saturday 12 November 2011.

Pitzhanger Manor and other new developments

I haven’t posted on the blog for a while, but there are lots of new, and exciting, developments bubbling away…

The Hothouse programme came to a conclusion on the 9th of February, where all seventeen designer/makers from this years Farnham, and London cohorts, came together to feedback on their progress, including time spent with personal mentors, and buddies, hand selected for each maker and their practice, and what effect this has had on their practice.It was so inspiring to hear all the progress everyone had made, and we are all taking part in a group exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing this September, to co-incide with London Design Week. Watch this space for more information.

My own mentor and buddy were Ruth Bridgeman of Ruth Cross Knitwear, and Kirsty Mcdougall of Dashing Tweeds. The conversations with both, have both been invaluable, in terms of in-depth knowledge, and great sector specific business advice.

One of the new developments to come from my conversations with Ruth, was to think about the performance aspects of my accessories, as my products are often worn for outdoor pursuits, such as cycling, hiking, and snowboarding. This lead me to visit ISPO in Munich to reasearch performance yarns.

The main suppliers were situated on the aptly named ‘Wool St’, and has lead to lots of great new contacts, including the UK agent at Woolmark, who have a new free service for designer/makers undertaking production for the first time, to help them oversee the whole process, which is really exciting! I’ve got an appointment with them in March to discuss my collection, and my requirements in terms of yarn suppliers, and UK based production in more detail.

My final piece of news, is that I am starting a new job in March, as a part time teaching fellow in Knitwear at Winchester School of Art. This is where I did my undergraduate degree, and I feel very excited to be returning here as a tutor, working with, and hopefully inspiring, the next generation of knitwear designers.

East Sussex Contemporary Art Fair

I’m looking forward to taking part in the East Sussex Contemporary Art Fair in the Creative Centre in Rye College from the 23rd to the 25th of April.

This event is organised to help raise funds for Rye College, an Arts & Enterprise Specialist School. This year they are fundraising for the Ghana Carnival Exchange Project as Rye College is hoping to initiate a yearly exchange visit enabling students to travel to Ghana and participate in some of the spectacular carnival events that take place there.

East London Design Show

Final preparations are now underway for the East London Design Show; my last show of 2009.


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