I made it! Phew!

The autumn (a.k.a a knitters crazy-pants-busy-ass time of year) has been in full swing again. I exhibited at MADE LONDON, and MADE13 in Brighton again, (I seriously doubted whether I would make it as far as setting up my stand at some points this year, as was in-between getting lots of new and exciting wholesale orders dispatched to shops, oh and of course still teaching three days a week…!) I met some great new customers, potential stockists, and other fantastic and inspiring designer/makers, (indulging in my favourite pastime of designer swapsies…) & generally had a ball! Here’s my high-lights below. Enjoy xx

made13_3261 made13_3265 made13_3268 made13_3273 made13_3282 made13_3292 made13_3490 made13_3494 made13_3501 made13_3503 made13_3507 made13_3508 made13_3510 made13_3515 made13_3520 made13_3522

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