Rowan Design Awards 2013

Another little opportunity for a bit of proud knitmum time. Our lovely knitwear design students at Winchester School of Art had the wonderful opportunity of entering the Rowan Design Awards this year.

The ‘Between the Wars’ brief set by Marie Wallin, head designer at Rowan. She challenged the students to focus on garment detailing, stitches and colour of the 1930’s and 40’s, utilising the wealth of design inspiration from the Knitting Reference Library at Winchester.

The students were asked to design a small range of garments based on this brief, and then five students, Alex Pengelly, Emma Middleton, Katie Agar, Lucy Jones, & Meghan Lewis were selected as finalists to knit up their final designs using beautiful Rowan yarns (with the help of lovely mums, nans, & aunts) and all received generous Rowan yarn sponsorship for their final collections.

alex1 alex2 emma katie lucy1 lucy2 lucy3 lucy4 meghan1 meghan3 meghan4

This was a wonderful competition for the students to be involved in, giving them the opportunity to work with really beautiful handknitting yarns, and to develop their handknitting skills. Well done all involved!

Please head over to the Rowan website for more information, and to download the patterns if you fancy having a go at knitting any yourself!

Parasol Days

England has been experiencing a beautiful & unprecedented H E A T W A V E  for over two weeks now. We were lucky enough to have planned a little staycation for the first glorious week of it, staying with our families in our lovely hometown of Brighton. We had beautiful, hot, ice-cream filled days by Lido’s at Arundel & Lewes (I would highly recommend both to anyone) and warm nights by the sea. I for one felt very lucky to call this beautiful spot home.

Hope you’ve been enjoying some lovely summer days & nights too in your special corner of the world… xx

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