Winchester Fashion Knitwear class of 2013

Last thursday I proudly watched eight of our very talented final year Fashion Knitwear students show their beautiful final collections at the Winchester School of Art Fashion and Knitwear catwalk show.

This was the first year of students I had taught right through from 1st to 3rd year, and I felt so amazingly proud of them, and what they had achieved – not just for their final collection, but over the whole three years of their degree. How they have all grown and developed their own personal identity as designers, all showing fantastic individual collections to be proud of.

Wishing them all the luck in the world in their future careers – they are most definitely a year to watch, and they all deserve massive success in whatever they choose to do!

Name credits and contact details at the bottom of the post. xx

WSA fashion show 2013_0405 wsa fashion show 2013_0622 WSA fashion show 2013_0411 wsa fashion show 2013_0630 WSA fashion show 2013_0426 wsa fashion show 2013_0638 WSA fashion show 2013_0430 WSA fashion show 2013_0446 wsa fashion show 2013_0664 WSA fashion show 2013_0455 wsa fashion show 2013_0673 WSA fashion show 2013_0465 wsa fashion show 2013_0682 WSA fashion show 2013_0477 wsa fashion show 2013_0688

1) Katie Agar 2) Lucy Jones 3) Natalie Crossan 4) Cat McLauglin 5) Jemma James 6) Dominique Quinn 7) Mikey Szczupak 8) Alex Pengelly

First tradeshow = done!

Earls Court

So after much anticipation, that’s it! Pulse 2013, my first tradeshow, is done! It was all and so much more than I could have anticipated. I think I expected it to be far more scary than the other retail shows I have done such as MADE London & MADE Brighton, but infact it was fine! (although having said that if I’d done that straight off, I think I would have been more than a little intimidated!)

Obviously the biggest difference was meeting lots of real live & kicking buyers from very real & very exciting shops from all across the UK and abroad, rather than just selling direct to individual customers. This was such a positive experience for me – I got loads of positive feedback on my products, particularly my geometric blankets and cushions, and my new finegauge merino scarves. So hopefully lots of exciting potential new stockists in the pipeline…

Pulse2013_0216 Pulse2013_0212 Sarah Elwick Knitwear Pulse 2013 Pulse2013_0224 Pulse2013_0207 Pulse2013_0227 Pulse2013_0226

I also got some great food for thought from buyers. A great talking point were my cardboard display heads drawn by my talented cousin Lawrence Elwick. Buyers were interested in whether they could potentially use them use in their own shops as quirky visual merchandising – which I think is great!

I also need to think about designing some really lovely packaging for my scarves, as this will make them more ‘giftable’ for potential customers. So the old grey cells are whirring again to do research and make these and other ideas a reality…

I also met lots of lovely new designers who were also exhibiting in Launchpad. It really felt like the place to be in terms of new and exciting design, but was also very friendly and supportive – I love being part of the designer/maker community. I also did a couple of sneaky show swaps, including a very beautiful Emily Bucknell lampshade, which always makes me happy!

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep you posted with any exciting new developments! xx

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