Wool House & Manifesto for Making

Last Saturday I battled through the (late March!) snow on the train to London to attend the ‘Manifesto For Making‘ the Heritage Crafts annual conference at the V&A, and then hotfooted it over to Somerset House in the lunchbreak to catch the Campaign for Wools’ brilliant Wool House exhibition at Somerset House before it was over.

With an impressive line-up of speakers, the Manifesto for Making addressed and provoked discussion of three main overarching questions:

  • Why is making important?
  • Where should crafts be?
  • How do we get there?

A small representation of the discussion between speakers and delegates is featured below.

Woolhouse_1023 Woolhouse_1022 Woolhouse_1024
My favourite speaker, was the truly inspirational Mark Hieatt (pictured below) of the aspirational denim brand Hiut Denim – I strongly recommend a read of their website to find out more about the ‘history tag’ – Marks brilliant brainchild of keeping an online log of your jeans life story for future generations to read and add to.

Manifesto for Making

He slightly blew my mind with his talk. He has to be seen, and experienced, to be believed to be honest – but two keys points have really stayed with me:

  • Do one thing really well
  • ‘If you’re going to scrape a living – make sure it’s a living worth scraping’

I also made a whistlestop visit to the Wool House exhibition, before it had finished, not least because my geometric cushion covers were part of a giveaway to promote the exhibition by the Crafts Council. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the work on show, and felt honoured to be a very small part of it. Highlights below:

Woolhouse_1015 Woolhouse_1016 Woolhouse_1017 Woolhouse_1019 Woolhouse_1020 Woolhouse_1025

Please see my facebook page for more photo’s, and the Crafts Councils website for more information on how to win the hamper including my cushion covers.

1) Josephine Ryans ‘natural’ room layout 2) Wool House curator Arabella McNies colourful ‘snug’ 3) Detail of embroidered wool chair from Kit Kemps beautiful bedroom 4) Shauna Richardsons brilliant ‘crochetdermy’ brown bear 5) My very own cushion covers featured in the Crafts Councils competition (So proud!) 6) Donna Wilsons ‘Knitted Nursery’

The Kanelsnegle perspective

Copenhagen = done! We battled through freezing temperatures to see the best this Danish city had to offer in a whirlwind three days. Highlights in no particular order below:

Anderson Bakery hotdog Copenhagen_3124 Copenhagen_3125 Copenhagen_3180 Copenhagen_3181 Copenhagen_3182 Copenhagen_3183 Copenhagen_3186

1) The Grand Danois hotdog from Andersen Bakery OMG people, O.M.G! (NB: the cucumber was pickled in what I think was rice wine vinegar, and tasted totally dee-vine!) 2) Stephen & I togged up in our thermals, and warmest winter coats = Copenhagen standard 3) Pretty Smorresbord 4) Yayoi Kusama’s stunning ‘Gleaming night of the souls‘ at Louisiana Modern Art Museum 5, 6, and 7) All Tara Donovan sculptures, again at Louisiana I had never heard of her before but found her work so inspiring 8) Colour crush on Per Kirkeby painting

NB: What are Kanelsnegle anyway?

34 things

The world according to Sarah

I sneakily turned 34 on Sunday, and shared a lovely birthday & Mothers Day celebration with my mum, brother and Stephen. I’ve been mulling over my options for a celebratory blog post, and have settled on compiling a list of my top 34 things to achieve and enjoy for the year ahead. Of course I have plenty of other more ‘worky’/less fun things on my to-do list, but this one’s all about the fun.

In the next 365 days I would like to …

1) Eat at Ottolenghi’s

2) Walk the South Downs Way from Winchester to Brighton with Stephen, bivvying or camping en route.

3) Make time to exercise regularly, including yoga and pilates to look after my poor knitters back

4) Visit Copenhagen (this is happening at the end of this week! I can hardly believe it or wait!)  done!

5) See my work and business expand and develop enough to need to enlist help from lovely helpers, i.e. amazing label sewer onners, and brilliant financial spread sheet filler inners, and expert parcel packer uppers.

6) Make a long overdue visit to Manchester to see some much loved pals.

7) Bake the perfect soda bread

8) Make the perfect fish pie

9) Visit the Pyrenees. Spanish or French side. Or both.

10) Stay in a treehouse

11) Do the Eton Dornay 3K swim

12) Find a little house with a woodburner and a cute secluded garden.

13) Once in said house rescue a beautiful and affectionate cat or kitten (or two)

14) Eat at Bob Bob Ricard

15) Finally pass my driving test

16) Go pick your owning for strawberries, raspberries, and hopefully gooseberries.

17) Make chilli jam

18) Have a go at knit hacking my old blue sweater a la Amy Twigger Holroyd from the wonderful Keep & Share

19) Go to In The Loop 3.5 in Shetland. Spend some time with Eric to learn more about Shima programming

20) Start going to jive again

21) Buy new and gorgeous glasses

22) Have the time and money to see more of my lovely friends

23) Have a hot stone massage

24) Make salt baked fish on the beach a la Jamie Oliver

25) Sleep the night on the beach

26) Start a patchwork quilt

27) Design & make my own ‘dream’ knitted garment

28) Conquer my fear of photographing my work

29) Aim to blog once a week

30) Spend less time on my iPhone, and more time in my real life, with real people, doing real things

31) Successfully grow tomatoes

32) Make really gingery ginger beer

33) Do something that scares me (just a little bit) once a month

34) Dream bigger, bolder, brighter, faster, stronger.

Blog post inspired by and with a large hat tip to the wonderful Hula SeventySas Petherick, and Susannah Conway my favourite, and much read, lady bloggers.


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