After my busiest and most successful Autumn/Winter yet, I have been in desperate need to take my foot off going full throttle on the accelerator for a while, and let myself re-calibrate ready for the year ahead.

I’ve been working gradually, almost painfully slowly, through Susannah Conways ‘Unravelling The Year Ahead’ worksheets bit by bit throughout January – the fact that I haven’t been able to even do the worksheets in one go has also been a real red light to me that I needed some time off from non-stop work, to switch off my brain a bit and rest.

Through the worksheets Susannah encourages you to pick a word you want to experience and encapsulate in your year ahead. Last year I chose ‘growth’ and what a year of growth it had been! My business went from strength to strength, and I felt I developed new products I was really creatively proud of, something I hadn’t felt for a couple of years, and lots of new & exciting opportunities consequently opened up to me. I ended the year on a real high, but was also E X H A U S T E D with a capital E.

So, this year, even though I know my business needs to continue to grow & develop, I also know I need to be kinder to myself. Find ways of growing that supports me and my life more wholistically. Find ways & means to let me be more hands off in some aspects of my business, and to let other people and things support me more.

So my word for this year is E X P A N D. It was going to be expansion, but that felt a little bit corporate and too ‘worky’. Where as expand, seemed a better fit, as is more wholistic, allowing for personal, spiritual, and work growth.

I had a beautiful snowy weekend in London a couple of weekends ago with my mum. I love the chalky colour palette you see in the snow, and the way it dampens all the sound making everything beautifully peaceful & calm. Having the time to do lovely frivolous things, and spend quality, un-rushed time family and friends, definitely helps me expand. To breathe. To feel like I’m enjoying the journey, rather than just being fixed on the destination.

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