Shark + Chips

August in a nutshell:

Setting up & enjoying a new facebook page for my work. It’s been great getting instant feedback from family, friends, & fans as I work on and develop my work. It definitely keeps my momentum going!

Running a pom pom making workshop in the run up to In The Loop 3: a knitting conference at the Discovery Centre in Winchester where I am presenting a paper on my work. Here’s few lovely photo’s from that day:

The aim was to create some large pom poms to decorate the trees outside The Discovery Centre while the conference is on the welcome the delegates. A few more photo’s can be found here on my facebook page.

Starting to write my paper for In The Loop 3, which is proving a bit more challenging to say the least…!

Discovering the joys of the iPhone. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, it really has streamlined and made my life easier! I’ve also got a bit hooked on instagram. You can follow me here, for all my latest visual inspirations.

Last but certainly not least I enjoyed a super relaxing glamping holiday in the idyllic Broad Meadow House campsite in Charlestown in Cornwall with the lovely Stephen. Highlights included the Eden Project, plenty of sea swimming, eating, and sleeping – I always sleep so soundly when I’m camping – and the option of having a home cooked breakfast, with freshly brewed coffee (at a very reasonable cost) bought to you tent each morning. Bliss!

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