This time last week…

…I was participating in the Winchester School of Art/University of Southampton graduation ceremony. This was my my first graduation ceremony as a tutor rather than as a student. I (rather excitingly!) got to wear an RCA graduation gown again, which has a rather natty fur trim round the hood, adding a slightly more glamourous element to the otherwise rather ‘wizardy’ feeling of the whole get up!

I felt very proud of all the graduating knitters from this year, as they shook the Chancellors hand, and received their well-earned certificates. Having seen most of them at their best and their worst, through their personal and creative trials and trimphs, the laughter and the tears. I wondered what the future will hold for all of them, and which career paths they will choose to follow?

My mum found this photo of my graduation in 2003. Nine years ago. Twelve years ago since I started my degree, and my journey as a knitwear designer. Three years since I started my own business, or ‘knittlepreneurship’, as my boyfriend likes to call it, with all its twists and turns, the highs and the lows. Throughout it all I’ve never doubted that I’m a true knitter at heart, and this the way I can best express & bring forth my creative ideas. I wonder what the next twelve years will bring?

Sgt. Pepper & a joint Sixtieth birthday

Last night and today we celebrated my mum and her twin brother’s 60th birthday’s, with close friends and family, accompanied by team effort of delicious home-made food and copious amounts of drink. I wanted to make a personal & memorable gift for my lovely mum, and after cogitaiting and scratching my head for a while, I came up with this…

A lifelong Beatles fan, I decided to have a go at adapting the iconic Sgt Peppers album cover by Sir Peter Blake, with a few new characters from our family. I then sent it of to Canvas Dezign, a company who print your photo’s onto canvas, ready to hang on the wall. They did a really great job, & I’m pleased to say it was a total hit with my mum, and the rest of the family. I hope Sir Peter Blake wouldn’t object to this adaption of his design, as it made a little mum very happy!

This is one of my all time favourite photo’s of me and my lovely mum, circa 1979. This cute knitted bonnet, and top combo, may well have been an early trigger for my love of all things knitted, I reckon! Happy 60th mum! Thanks for everything you do for me and the rest of the family, and for being the loveliest mum I could wish for.

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