Happy holiday day-dreaming…

We’re off to stay with a friend near Limoges in France for a wee holiday on Saturday, and I CANNOT wait! I’ve just been perusing this selection of lovely vintage French postcards, and indulging in daydreams of an idyllic French holiday… i’ve always loved the bleached out chalky colours in postcards of times gone by. I could only find one of Limoges, but find the others equally inspiring. I particularly like no5, which look like some rather stylish good luck charms! Enjoy!

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Researching, procrastinating, progressing…

This week I’ve finally had time to really get stuck into working on some new designs for this Autumn/Winter. Starting with research at the wonderful Winchester School of Art library, with is totally amazing specialist knitting reference library. Spending a rare morning or afternoon here, is total heaven to me, and is often my favourite part of the design process. I get lost in the discovery of new images, and inspiration, which are full of excitement and potential…

However, this is also where I can often fall down the procrastination hole, and get completely overwhelmed with all the potential design choices available to me, which can stop me from doing anything at all. I discovered, Andrew Lighthearts’ blog this week (whilst procrastinating I might add!) and found his advice on beating procrastination, very useful, and it definately seemed to shift something in me, and lessen my anxiety in the decision making process.

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The Good Life

Living The Good Life dream, Stephen and I have spent a prolific weekend of self sufficiency, foraging for elderflowers, potting out tomatoes and beans, home brewing, and experimental DIY.

We’ve started brewing Elderflower Champagne, from this River Cottage recipe. Home grown produce, and brewing, are both firsts for me, so I’m very excited to eat and drink the results!

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So… prompted by the aforementioned blogging course, we have been encouraged to de-lurk, and have a go at commenting on other peoples blog’s that we may have admired and been inspired by for a while, but for one reason or another, (usually shyness in my case) haven’t done so before…and it feels GOOD! A little strange at first, but generally good.

Treat yourself a wee gander at my current lurking spots… I promise you won’t regret it!

Sarah Dyer is a friend from my hometown of Brighton, and our art foundation days. She’s gone on to be a super successful childrens’ book illustrator, and recent(ish) mum to Stanley. I cannot get enough of Stanley Style. Cannot. Fact.

Design*Sponge is always a favourite, but particularly their creative business advice such as this article, and their ‘Living In’ posts are just brilliant. Pure escapism.

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