Ten things…

…you may not know about me.

1. Whilst machine sewing an applique textile wallhanging during my textiles A’ level exam in 1997, I took my eye off what I was doing for a second, and somehow sewed straight through my finger! Initially still in shock, I watched my finger bob up and down with the needle for a few seconds before I took my foot off the pedal. I then had to go straight to A&E to have the broken needle, and some thread removed from my finger. Apparently I was lucky it didn’t hit the bone, as the bone would have shattered.

2. I dream of living in Spain. Somewhere in the Spanish pyrenees, on a little small holding, with a log burner, a few chickens, and my lovely man Stephen would be ideal…thanks…!

3. At the weekend I had my hair cut from long, to a shoulder length bob.


I haven’t had my haircut like this since I was in my early twenties (I’m now 33) I’m still getting used to it at the mo, but I think I like it!

4. I’m learning to drive, and finding it hard.

5. I recently bought a beautiful little La Sardina Lomography camera, that I’m really enjoying playing around with. Watch this space for results when I get my first film developed!

6. I talk in my sleep. A LOT.

7. I am more than a little bit obsessed with Danielle LaPorte, and her Firestarter Sessions. Cannot recommend buying a copy highly enough for some soul/life mojo.

8. I have a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly battle with my natural tendency towards messiness, and accumulation of stuff.

9. I am a houmous addict.

10. I love, love, LOVE wild swimming. Especially with the aforementioned Stephen. We kindled our mutual love of it (and each other) last summer on our first proper holiday together to La Fresneda a stunning campsite in the northeast of Spain. We swam in as many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs on our weeks holiday as we possibly could. It was bee-yoo-tiful there.

This is my all time favourite photo of us, and makes me feel ridiculously happy every time I look at it.


The block is always the answer to the block

In order to set me on the road to blogging recovery, I have signed upto Blogging from the Heart, a brilliant six week online course by the lovely Susannah Conway, whose beautiful blog I lurk and read regularly, as I felt I needed a bit more guidance and advice from this rather neglected part of my website.

One of the things I am already starting to glean from the course is the need for me to find a more authentic blogging voice, one that feels more like the ‘real me’, not just the finished PR version, who only writes a post when I’ve got a finished product to share. So I’ve decided to be a bit more candid about my designing, or sometimes ‘non-designing’ process, and how I tackle obstacles in my creative path.

I have been feeling a little creatively blocked of late, full of all kinds of ugh, ick, self doubt and malaise about my work, when as luck & serendipity would have it, I stumbled across 12 Rules of Creativity, a brilliant little book by Michael Atavar. I have since been following his advice of attempting to converse, and building a relationship with your creative blocks, rather than trying to ignore them, and asking them what they need. He suggests, amongst other things, drawing your blocks, and taking them out with you in your pocket for the day, with the premise that you are listening to them, looking after them, and keeping them safe.

I think I enjoyed the slight absurdity of this exercise, and the secret knowledge that I had my little block safely tucked up in my pocket, and I also had the most productive day designing that i’d had for a long time. If anyone else out there is feeling a little creatively blocked and in need of encouragement, I heartily recommend this book!


After a very long hiatus, I’m back! For one reason and another my little blog has been very neglected over the past few months, mainly due to starting an exciting new job as a Teaching Fellow in Knitwear at Winchester School of Art, and also moving to the city last year, which has been great for the most part, but has taken a little adjusting.

To celebrate dusting off my blogging shoes, here are a few images from the Portraits in the Making group exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing, a group show I took part in last year. These images are of the Paisley inspired shawl I made, which was rather beautifully displayed by the curators of the exhibition on this lovely four poster bed.

Machine knitted from merino and lurex, with a disperse dye print. August 2011.

This exhibition was a great opportunity for me to do some new research, and produce a new body of work for the exhibition which I am very proud of. Please see the group blog for posts on all seventeen designer/makers involved, and each individuals approach to their design process.

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